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Digitization cleaning process

Benefits from digitization and Industry 4.0 for Industrial component cleaning.


Industrial component cleaning, e.g. for structural and engine components in the automotive industry, must meet the following requirements

  • to deliver continuous component quality

  • compliance with the residual dirt values ​​according to VDA 19 (technical cleanliness)

  • ensuring consumption-based dosing of chemical cleaners in order to protect resources and the environment

  • to increase the system availability according to GAE (OEE).

For this purpose, it is essential to monitor the quality assurance influencing factors of the plant and system components. Digitization also enables the development of new business models for the supplier and the implementation of cost-reducing and quality-assuring solutions for the producers.


SturmConsultants and siticom show in a solution how benefits can be drawn from digitization and Industry 4.0 for customers, suppliers, industry and system suppliers.


  • Anomaly detection in the cleaning process

  • Steps to predictive maintenance in system and plant engineering

  • Opportunities for new business models

  • Increase in system availability

  • Conservation of resources and the environment

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