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Clearance of the railway site

Planning Cable Routes for Deutsche Bahn's Telecommunications Connections.


As part of the renewal of infrastructures in the area of track systems, bridges, signal boxes and connections to the energy supply, a future-proof fiber optic connection is planned by Deutsche Bahn. This also requires structural measures in the public area to ensure broadband coverage.

To strengthen the railways as an environmentally friendly means of transport, additional funds were made available at the beginning of 2020, which will benefit the infrastructure measures of Deutsche Bahn. In addition to digitization, numerous projects to maintain and achieve a more robust rail network must be supported.


siticom takes on tasks for Deutsche Bahn in the area of planning telecommunication connections in the context of large infrastructure projects, such as the renovation of railroad crossings and intersections planning of telecommunications connections that are affected by the renovation work but are to be maintained without downtime.


  • Basic assessment and preliminary planning

  • Draft planning (GIS / AutoCad) and approval planning

  • Approval management with various authorities

  • Implementation planning of the project

  • Graphic and arithmetical representation of the objects

  • Preparation and participation in the award

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